Question Disable Windows functions when program is running


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Nov 17, 2020
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Hello, we are developing a program in WPF - C#. We need to block windows functionality such as the job list, start menu, log off, restart, close, windows + d, etc.
That is to say, all kinds of admin stuff must be blocked. However, it must be possible that when the program is shut down there is full admin access. That is, you can access the job list etc. Again as long as the program does not run.
Does anyone know any material that can guide us, or someone who can help us. Would be very much appreciated.
Read up on "Kiosk mode" for Windows.
I was reluctant to answer this topic. And I would have advised digging for details on what the OP is aiming to do before tossing a bone. My initial thoughts was malware.
And hence the reason why I was saying kiosk mode since that would be the correct way of getting what he wants without teaching any malware abusable techniques.
I guess Kiosk Mode would work, the problem is that our software is aimed for gaming centers / esport. So there are many hundred games. Installation would take some time too.
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