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    Question How to create excel sheet with multiple sheet name based on modules ?

    I work on c# desktop app I cannot export data to excel sheet with multiple tab meaning multi sheet based on data exist on data table module field I use open XML library Data table data as below : Divide Output Excel File To Multi Tab based On Module PartId Company Files Tab Module 1222...
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    Can i Have Dropdowns inside the Gridview for a column in DataTable

    Good Day I am a .Net Developer, Currently we are using ASP.Net Grid view’s, because of the features,etc. we want to Replace existing grid views with data tables. [] About our Current ASP.Net Grid view: We Use Same Grid view for Rendering Data, and also we allow...
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    Filtering a listview bound to a datatable

    I have a datatable bound to a listview which displays the output of a SQL select statement. I wish to filter what is displayed in the listview based upon text entered into a textbox above it. I have found numerous examples of filtering listviews in this way but all of them are using hardcoded...
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    Question DataTable.Compute?

    Hello guys, I hope that I have chosen the correct category for my question, but if not, please excuse me I am new. So to the point... I have loaded a excel file using OleDB connection. The code loads the excel file to a dataGridView. Now I want to use the values of the datatable, lets sum...
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    Adding values to a list based on a string delimiter until the next occurence?

    Hi, I have a data string that I put into a list. When I start iterating through the list, I have an if statement that when x.Contains(g), do this. The code that I wrote is.. string g = "<a class="; List<string> K = new List<string>(); foreach (var x in myList) { if (x.Contains(g)) {...
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    Question How to generate CR reports when some fields are unknown?

    Hi all - I have a question regarding generating reports from a data table using C# in VS. On a windows form, the user has a datagridview control filled with various accounting items as column headings (rate, credit card, discount, etc.) Now, there are about a dozen or so columns that are...
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