1. henryvuong

    Update a datatable from another datatable with LINQ

    In my C# code I have two datatable like this: inventory_table SKU Title Price Quantity Handling-Time SAM-GAL-S7-32 Samsung Galaxy S7 128GB 300.00 5 SAM-GAL-S6-64 Samsung Galaxy S6 64GB 250.00 10 SAM-GAL-NOTE-S20-128 Samsung Galaxy Note S20 128GB 275.00 7 IP-13P-128 Apple...
  2. Zzazaya

    DataTable collection to single table

    Im trying to join multiple datatables to a single datatable. var response = await client.ExecuteStaticQueryAsync(new ExecuteStaticQueryRequest() { queryName = "CustTableListPage" }); var dataset = response.ExecuteStaticQueryResult.ToDataSet(); This gives me a dataset with 13 tables defined...
  3. O

    Creating a datatable in Razor PAge

    Hello, I want to create a data table in razor page. The datatable I want to create is available in the attached image. I want to do this without MVC. This table will be connected to a database. The data we create from here will be published on the website and will stay in the data base.
  4. Sketchup Galaxy

    Question How to take datatable values into postgresql

    I´m trying to take the entire datatable with its values to postgresql but I seem to do something wrong. Code is as follows: foreach (DataRow row in dt_IS.Rows) { using (NpgsqlCommand cmdCopy = new NpgsqlCommand("INSERT INTO " + Table + " VALUES(@num1));", Conn)) { object num1 =...
  5. O

    read csv file but it only reads the first line

    Am trying to read this csv file and make a header of all the distinct elements in it and put it in a datatable but it only reads the first line Am trying to read this current csv file and convert it into a truth table that show if an element exists in a row I out 1 if not I put 0 but it only...
  6. B

    DataTable select with delimiter

    Hi, is it possible to do a row filter or linq where splitting the filter string by commas Name Department User 1 HR User 2 PR User 3 IT User 4 Sales i would like to pass in a search string, eg: HR,PR, user 1 and user 2 should come out
  7. rayi06

    Question RowsGroup DataTable - Paginate Button doesn't work

    There is no error after i click paginate button, but it always showing the first page whatever page that i clicked. If i comment the rowsGroup then paginate button will work properly. Where's the mistake? <script src="~/Scripts/jquery-1.10.2.min.js"></script> <script...
  8. destro

    Resolved How can I notify source property about the changes made in Wpf DataGrid?

    I have a Datagrid bound to Datatable through Dependency property. I am unable to retrieve changes I make in datagrid even when I have set binding mode as two way. What are the best possible ways to update changes back to Source DataTable when dataGrid is edited? I know I can use...
  9. Cragstor

    Resolved DataTable global variable changing when DataGridView.DataSource is changed

    Hello, I'm new to here, so firstly hello everyone. I have looked through the forums but can't find an answer and I'm struggling to find one online anywhere with how datasources work in this case. The code below is a snippet of a program I am writing to transfer files. The problem I had is...
  10. Sachin Patil

    Question Read and Write range with existing data format in excel?

    I am trying to read range from excel and writing or appending in another sheet using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel in c#. While writing or appending data existing data format is not copy like number, text, currency and date etc. If data type is currency then it convert into text or general...
  11. A

    Question How to create excel sheet with multiple sheet name based on modules ?

    I work on c# desktop app I cannot export data to excel sheet with multiple tab meaning multi sheet based on data exist on data table module field I use open XML library Data table data as below : Divide Output Excel File To Multi Tab based On Module PartId Company Files Tab Module 1222...
  12. Y

    Can i Have Dropdowns inside the Gridview for a column in DataTable

    Good Day I am a .Net Developer, Currently we are using ASP.Net Grid view’s, because of the features,etc. we want to Replace existing grid views with data tables. [] About our Current ASP.Net Grid view: We Use Same Grid view for Rendering Data, and also we allow...
  13. D

    Filtering a listview bound to a datatable

    I have a datatable bound to a listview which displays the output of a SQL select statement. I wish to filter what is displayed in the listview based upon text entered into a textbox above it. I have found numerous examples of filtering listviews in this way but all of them are using hardcoded...
  14. R

    Question DataTable.Compute?

    Hello guys, I hope that I have chosen the correct category for my question, but if not, please excuse me I am new. So to the point... I have loaded a excel file using OleDB connection. The code loads the excel file to a dataGridView. Now I want to use the values of the datatable, lets sum...
  15. I

    Adding values to a list based on a string delimiter until the next occurence?

    Hi, I have a data string that I put into a list. When I start iterating through the list, I have an if statement that when x.Contains(g), do this. The code that I wrote is.. string g = "<a class="; List<string> K = new List<string>(); foreach (var x in myList) { if (x.Contains(g)) {...
  16. C

    Question How to generate CR reports when some fields are unknown?

    Hi all - I have a question regarding generating reports from a data table using C# in VS. On a windows form, the user has a datagridview control filled with various accounting items as column headings (rate, credit card, discount, etc.) Now, there are about a dozen or so columns that are...
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