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  1. etkmlm

    Resolved Entity Framwork Not Working

    i have a problem with Entity. Want to use Entity in DbContext class but it is not working even though I added it to the packages. So when i write the "System.Data.Entity", it turns red. (Error: CS0234) Maybe Visual Studio doesn't see the Entity package. Visual Studio 2019 .NET Core 2.0...
  2. P

    How do I convert my SQL query to Entity Framework DBContext

    Hello All, I have one query which I wrote in SQL but now i want to convert it to EF and I am finding difficulty on understanding how do I incorporate multiple select statements in EF SQL Query: SELECT TOP {count} * FROM ( SELECT co.orderid,co.orderStatusId...
  3. M

    Answered Publish .NET Framework on Azure Still Possible?

    I've been trying to launch a .NET Framework web application to Azure, and I can't seem to get it. Every tutorial out there is using, or pushing .NET Core. This is a basic application using C#, .NET Framework 4.7.2 MVC, and connecting to some REST APIs. 1. When deploying .NET Framework app, do...
  4. A

    Question The item with identity [x] already exists in the metadata collection

    Is not more nedded. I try delete the post, but no find this option
  5. M

    Windows Forms application with a shared database

    I am pretty much new in C# programming and desktop applications development. Still, I have a deep understanding of OOP concepts, patterns etc., because I come from other languages/platforms. What I am interested in, are some guidelines / best practices... I am about to to make an app that will...
  6. dipique

    Using custom attributes to contain a target field/property for a search

    Big Picture I maintain a large web application with the primary function of managing orders. It is an MVC over C# application using EF6 for data. There are LOTS of search screens. Right now every search is coded without any code re-use (before my time, I swear!). What I'm Trying To Do I'm...
  7. Fosol

    Visual Studio 2015 RC + Entity Framework 6.1.3 + Oracle ManagedDataAccess 12.1.022

    I'm attempting to develop an application in the new world of Visual Studio 2015 DNX projects. I'm unable to figure out how to get Entity Framework 6.1.3 to connect to Oracle 12c with the Oracle.ManagedDataAccess NuGet Package. I get the following error; "Unable to determine the provider name for...
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