1. KasunLee

    Google API Customsearch. I'm Getting the Error [400]: "Request contains an invalid argument." (C#)

    Hi! I'm trying to make an app to download images from Google search queries. And I get the Error [400]: "Request contains an invalid argument." at listRequest.Execute().Items. Current code: using Google.Apis.Customsearch.v1.Data; using Google.Apis.Customsearch.v1; using...
  2. D

    Getting Error Message from Compiler

    Hi, I am a beginner in C# and I am currently learning this program from an online PDF book. Within the book there is a code example and the author stated that it should work if I put it in a C# compiler. However, when I copy and paste the code into an online compiler I got this error message...
  3. StudioCrusader

    Project cant be builded

    Hello, i cant build my c# winforms project. it shows this error: Error MSB4018 the "CreateAppHost" task failed unexpectedly. Microsoft.NET.HostModel.HResultException: 80070002 v Microsoft.NET.HostModel.ResourceUpdater.AddResourcesFromPEImage(String peFile) v...
  4. V

    Question Error in method JsonDocument.Parse

    Please tell me. I can't solve the error in the JsonDocument.Parse method in any way. Translation of the error text: Error CS1061 / "object" does not contain a definition for "Parse" and it was not possible to find an extension method "Parse" that takes the type "object" as the first argument...
  5. H

    Question Method Overriding Error

    Hi There. i am learning C# programing. when i was practicing method overriding concept i got below error. please any body can help me to address this issue i would be grateful. My Code: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using...
  6. M

    Question ASP.NET - maximum length exceed error

    Hello, We are facing error while exceeding maximum request length. It appears when we send request to server. If anyone can help to fix it then please do the needful. Thank you
  7. A

    Question Problems with user control and public properties

    I'm currently trying to create a user control, where one of the properties is a list of an MenuItem class. Here's the code I have so far: private List<MenuItem> menuItems = new List<MenuItem>(); [Browsable(true)] public List<MenuItem> MenuItems { get...
  8. RedTurbo

    Question How to control what the user enters and give an error if needed?

    Hello, I am making a C# console application which calculates BTEC grades to UCAS points. Only thing is, this course has 18 units, so I want the user to enter either 'p', 'm' or 'd' and maybe some other inputs if I choose to later. So when the user enters something wrong like 'wefttryh239y' then...
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