1. gceylandag

    Question Barcode printing program in C# Form

    Hello everyone, our products in our Excel file have their own barcode numbers and information. I want to see all the information in Excel in the form and print the barcodes of the products I choose from the ARGOX brand label device. Can you help me how to do this?
  2. J

    Question Excel C API GET.CELL

    Stupid, newbie question...I'm messing around with ExcelDNA and found an old thread that states, "The GET.CELL function with...option 53 allows you to get the string as displayed in the cell." So something like this works for what I want, right now: string text =...
  3. rajashekar2012

    Any NET C# Opensource libraries for exporting to excel including customization like color,font,colspan etc..?

    I'm using C# .NET MVC application. I have a requirement of generating excel reports(.xlsx) with multiple worksheets and cell customizations like font, color etc... I tried and couldn't find any opensource library that could do this. I don't want Excel Interop library as excel application...
  4. J

    Question if (arg is int) not working?

    I was putting together an Excel add-in with some User Defined Functions (UDFs), using C#. Based on excelDNA documentation, I created a class that checks to see if OPTIONAL Excel arguments are present in a UDF. And if not, it assigns a default value. I created a couple of simple test functions...
  5. ThreeNamesGrace

    Problem setting the Text property of a Characters object in Excel Interop using Visual C#

    I'm making ChartSheets in Excel using .NET 7 and the latest update of Office 365; this is the code that I use to change the style of the charts and give them a title: GráficasFrecuenciaGanancia[i - 1].ChartType = XlChartType.xlLineMarkers; GráficasFrecuenciaGanancia[i-1].HasTitle = true...
  6. A

    Question External table is not in the expected format

    I am trying to upload my excel 2013 file contents to sql server. Here is my code : try { string connectionString = @"data source=DELL\SQLEXPRESS01 ; initial catalog = amen; persist security info = True; Integrated Security = SSPI; "...
  7. M

    Is there a C# code to read and display Excel sheets?

    I have been asked to do something to read and display excel sheets. If I was using MatLab it would be a piece of cake. Unluckily there is no MatLab license in the hospital where I work. I found a posted C# code. I downloaded and unlocked it. Unluckily when I compiler I got a lot of errors...
  8. Sachin Patil

    Question Read and Write range with existing data format in excel?

    I am trying to read range from excel and writing or appending in another sheet using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel in c#. While writing or appending data existing data format is not copy like number, text, currency and date etc. If data type is currency then it convert into text or general...
  9. P

    How to access values from 2 datatable as tabel1.tabel2.columnname in C#

    I have one test data model and one excel book which has multiple sheets! all the sheet is having the same unique key "Test1" and I have a function which fetches all the data from all sheets having that key name "Test1" Now after join - I get one table having all the column name and values But...
  10. P

    Need help when dealing with Excel Complex Data in MSTest

    Currently, I am fetching data from particular sheet where it matched a "Key" value - But now I want to access data from all sheets where it matches "Key" value In my excel - I have two sheets: LogInUserData and Sheet2 Now in LogInUserData Key Email Password RememberMe LogInSuccessfully...
  11. T

    Read XLSX and get all Attributes from table to process them further

    Hello, first im a beginner in programming. Im looking for a solution, for reading a XLSX and getting some important values, which i need to process them further. My code can read at a spezial point, that i need. it start at the Table beginn with "BG". i need alle values under "BG" and other...
  12. D

    Tip Free Tool for learning C# concepts and vocabulary

    I’ve uploaded an Excel workbook of mine to Google Drive that serves a couple of purposes that I believe you'll find useful. 1. It currently lists 726 terms that have some correlation to C#. It's a glossary of sorts with embedded links that lead you to that specific term. It covers all the C#...
  13. F

    Error'A first chance exception of type 'System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException'

    I have this code to search for a text "FHD Camera" in column G in Sheet 2 in an excel file .I need to gets its address. But i get and exception: "A first chance exception of type 'System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException' occurred in System.Dynamic.dll Additional information: Type mismatch...
  14. F

    Question Creating a language program / translate program

    I am a native Dutch speaking person and at this moment I am following an English course in which, of course, i need to widen my vocabulary. For example: if my program asks the translation of the Dutch word "huis", the user can write the answer in a textbox, writing the English word "house" of...
  15. D

    Question Excel Lookups disappear after save using Interop dlls

    In C# using Interop i am loading an excel which contains macros for validations and dropdowns for some columns. I use my logic to update the cells and save the excel.But once the excel is saved the macros validations are getting disabled and validations are not performing and also the lookups...
  16. A

    Excel. Output Data Via Serial Port.

    Hello, I need assistance in creating a program which has 2 serial ports with 2 different functions. 1: Input Serial data 4 bits long from Serial port number 1 (RX) to Excel. 2: To then Output a string of data 16 bits long taken from Excel to a Serial port number 2 (TX) Thank you
  17. M

    Question export data to excel sheet/report using predefined excel template

    hi for past 7 days i was wondering on how to create excel report from excel Template, populating excel report using sql select query in c# windows forms with sql server 2008. I have create an Excel Template in my same project folder named : Technician Details.xltx. Given below is my code in...
  18. J

    C# / VB.NET Excel component - GemBox.Spreadsheet 3.7

    GemBox.Spreadsheet is a C# / VB.NET Excel component for easy and efficient Excel file processing in .NET without Microsoft Excel. GemBox.Spreadsheet 3.7 supports reading XLSX, XLS, ODS and CSV formats and writing, creating and converting to XLSX, XLS, ODS, CSV, HTML, PDF, XPS and image formats...
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