1. MichielJN

    Resolved Problem programming buttons

    public void BerekenTafelTegels() { if (Program.Tafel2.Count == 0) { } else if (Program.Tafel2.Count > 0) { int index = 0; foreach (List<Tegel> tafelTegels in Program.Tafel2) { if (tafelTegels.Count > 0) {...
  2. J

    Question Opening new tab containing preset

    First of all, This is my first ever real project, soo... I'm terrible at coding.. But you have to start somewhere right? :D So I'm using this command to open a new numbered tab each time I press the button, and now I wonder what I need to do to add a timer, a start/stop button for the timer, a...
  3. A

    Question Having problems throwing an acception when zero is entered in the form for math

    This is for class, and I do not expect the answer, just pointed in the right direction. The code I have written is correct according to the current point in the class, but I just can not get an exception thrown into the lblResponse.txt when zero's have been entered. If a zero has been entered...
  4. B

    Question Form needs to appear blank and ready for entry

    Hello! I am a new member of this forum and a C# newbie who is currently building a data entry form that I need to be able to only take in new data and write it to a backed SQL Server database. I don't want previous data that has been entered to be displayed. I have a form built and connected...
  5. D

    Calling methods on one form from another

    Hi All. I have a program which when a button is clicked on Form1 it runs a vision system operation on an image in a window on a Form1. There are also other buttons on the Form1 which can change things like threshold levels so the inspection can be run again with different settings. It all works...
  6. binga30

    Navigating between forms inside the application

    Hi, I have a question about applications created using windows forms. I made a simple app, that has 4 forms. When navigating between the forms which I do with buttons, I notice that the window appears to close and then open a new one. It is visibly noticeable. I have seen many other c#...
  7. B

    Write Linux server monitoring tool for Windows

    Hi guys, I have a couple of Linux servers that I want to monitor. I've been searching for good, and free monitoring software but have not really found what I'm looking for. Now I want to see if I can build it myself. I was wondering if anyone has done something similar before. How should I...
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