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    Question Is it possible to write json in c#

    I'm trying to create a c# framework and a necessity I need is the ability to write with json in C# and if I can how can I go about doing so.
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    Question How to integrate the AB testing methodology into the current automation framework

    We presently use the Automation Framework with MStest and Selenium C# POM framework for the e-commerce domain in our organization. Currently, organizations are moving toward an AB testing strategy for a few pages. Therefore, I am unsure of the testing strategy in existing Automation Framework...
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    create a dashboarding web app?

    Working on a new job in which they need me to stabilize an ASP.NET/C#.NET web application that was written a few years ago...the code is spaghetti code! The view logic, business logic, and database logic are all thrown together in the same functions. Not a single comment line. Poor variable...
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