create a dashboarding web app?


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Mar 1, 2022
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Working on a new job in which they need me to stabilize an ASP.NET/C#.NET web application that was written a few years ago...the code is spaghetti code! The view logic, business logic, and database logic are all thrown together in the same functions. Not a single comment line. Poor variable names. Very hard to read. You get the idea.

It is done in standard code-behind mode. The application simply grabs performance data from multiple SQL Server and Oracle databases and dashboards it on the browser (read-only display). It also displays the same dashboards on mobile devices (uses bootstrap to have that display correctly on mobile devices).

We want to rearchitect this and rewrite it. Here's what I was thinking...need some feedback:

1) Create a Restful web service which serves JSON data to end clients like web browsers and mobile devices...I think this is better than MVC because then the different end clients can decide for themselves how to view things rather than the server dictating the view. I think there are a very limited # of users since the app is intended for use by internal business customers only -- there is no need for high-throughput scalability.

2) Instead of straight SQL queries all over the C# code, I'm thinking about using either SQL Server stored procedures or nhibernate or something else -- please tell me what is the best practice for persistence frameworks in 2022 for an ASP.Net/C# application?

3) Regarding mobile devices, we don't need a native application -- it can be browser-based. Xamarin would be overkill I think. Thoughts?

4) The other option is to go with a commercial off-the-shelf software to handle this dashboarding for us. Any thoughts on this?

5) How is responsive design accomplished in ASP.Net/C#.Net?
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