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  1. yonett

    Simple Game with cells/grid?

    Hi all. I'm going to create a game using WPF. Unfortunately, I'm a newbie and I need some support. The game is similar to 1010! from GramGames, so for now I want to make a field that contains a cells, some kind of grid, and the rectangular figures that can be placed on this field. I made some...
  2. J

    How to get an object from a list ?

    hello I'm doing a game and I'm stuck here, I have a collider box created and if I put a bucket in the collider box, it will be added to the List and when I put it away from the collider box it will be removed from List but I need it to fill with dirt in that collider box and I don't know how I...
  3. Foxster

    Answered Need help with problem solving

    I made a simple BlackJack game, text only, betting is done IRL, no doubling, splitting or stuff like that. It's working nicely and i'm kinda proud, but there's one function that I don't know how to implement. In BlackJack, the aces are worth 11, unless you would get bust, then they're worth only...
  4. Taien

    Question UDP network traffic not reaching destination

    I'm writing an online game. I've constructed a system for passing packets via serialization. For some reason, if I run the server on my local network and connect from the same PC, it works fine. But any other PC on the network and on the internet cannot seem to send packets to the server...
  5. WhoepzMedia

    Collab with someone on 2D Android Game

    Hi C# Expert. My name is Bjorn 35 from The Netherlands i work sinds 4 week on a 2D Game that i will publish on Android. But i have some issues with lots of things. I am not good at C# and i hope that someone wants to collab with me. I have a few functions that i want and build in unity with C#...
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