Collab with someone on 2D Android Game


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Sep 21, 2019
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Hi C# Expert.

My name is Bjorn 35 from The Netherlands i work sinds 4 week on a 2D Game that i will publish on Android.
But i have some issues with lots of things. I am not good at C# and i hope that someone wants to collab with me. I have a few functions that i want and build in unity with C# to make my game better.
i have a own discord channel that i use for my Game Studio visit here.

I have a working 2D game with active levels, but i need some improvements like Timer, that the player must collect the Ninja Stars in time to complete the level.
Also i want a leaderboard, Shop, Daily Reward system and more.

I was working with someone on Fiverr but he got banned and i don't know why! And he did a wonderful job.
No now my game is still for 2 weeks and i really want to work on it.

Normal i pay C# developers / coders a small amount of money for helping me. My budget is not big i am sorry.
So hope that you are a student or someone that have enough of time to help me with this first project / Game.
i want to give you a REV share of my income on ads. I will use google Adwords for promoting my Game when it will be publish.
Hope that we can work together if you have interest send me a private message of join the discord.


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