1. Hussnain Javed

    Generating Hash Value for a DLL File in Visual Studio Commuity 2019

    Hi, how are you all? Hope you're all fine. I'm looking for a way to get hash value of a dll file which I've created in a class library's project in visual studio community 2019. I've only one 1 class in my project and I need only dll file and hash value. As I can't run the Project but I can...
  2. X

    HashLib4CSharp - Comprehensive Hashing Library written in C#

    HashLib4CSharp is a comprehensive and easy to use hashing library written in C#. it provides flexible interfaces that makes usage a breeze. Hashing can be done in single pass or incremental mode. it also provides methods to clone the internal state of each hash object. it provides Adapter...
  3. S

    File integrity

    hello everyone I'm currently developping a software to check the format of some files, this software allow the user to create a special tree folder, and then to fill it with files, when the user transfert a file in a specific folder of the tree Forlder, I check if the format is correct. I also...
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