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May 15, 2017
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hello everyone

I'm currently developping a software to check the format of some files, this software allow the user to create a special tree folder, and then to fill it with files, when the user transfert a file in a specific folder of the tree Forlder, I check if the format is correct. I also would like to theck the integrity of the file, but as I'm not really familiar with that, so I come here to find some advices. In the software it's possible to transfert a file from one early created tree folder to a new one. In that case my idea would be to check the integrity of the file during the transfert to check if the file is still the same. how to implement that ? my first idea was to create the hash code of each file when transfert for the first time, and then if this file is retransfered into another folder of the tree Forder, then we calculate his hash again and check with the last value. But this solution would need to store the file's hashes into another file and read it, which I think is not really secure since I should also secure the file who contains the hashes. So ? any recommendation on that ???

thank you very much for your time.

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