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    Question how to make cancel button to cancel or stop task async in my proxy checker code

    namespace WindowsFormsApplication7 { public partial class Form1 : Form { public Form1() { InitializeComponent(); } public async Task testProxy(string ip, int port) { bool OK = false; try {...
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    Question Visual Studio problem with Serial port data transmission with arduino

    Hello Csharpers, I built a flight computer about a month ago and I want to visualize the data coming out of it through a Windows Forms App. There isn't much online but I managed to retrieve the inertial measurement unit's gyroscopes and stuff through the serial port. However, after rotating the...
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    CS1061 Unity Error

    Hi guys, New to coding trying to create player movement and these errors are showing up in unity - Assets\Script\Movement.cs(16,26): error CS1061: 'Vector2' does not contain a definition for 'GetAxisRaw' and no accessible extension method 'GetAxisRaw' accepting a first argument of type...
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    loop through a list

    Hello i am doing a school programing prodject and i am a beginner. We are supposted to make a vocabulary test where you can enter two words that mean the same thing and then press test, the program should then display one word and your supposed to fill in the other one. then it is supposted to...
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