1. Z

    Hide (minimize) Visual Studio when debug starts?

    Can I find a setting to Hide (minimize) Visual Studio when debug starts? thanks
  2. Y

    Question Which ide

    Which IDE do you think is perfect on the market ? I am currently using visual studio Code, but my computer freezes.
  3. benjm-ma

    Do you use an IDE? What IDE do you use? If you don't what's your workflow like?

    Personally, I use a text editor and the command line. I'm proficient with vi and find it way too convenient as opposed to clicking around a UI. However, as of recently I have been using Sublime and really enjoy it. It has a "vintage mode" which allows you to navigate a file using vi controls. I...
  4. F

    IDE: Which do you recommend?

    Hi guys I am new to this forum. I have already googled and did a search on this forum, and cannot find a good comparison. Currently I am using Professional Visual Studio 2010 for C# WinForms development and am considering the following. VS 2013 DevExpress DXperience WinDev Others (please...
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