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    Question Error with Xamarin Forms iOS release build

    I'm developing an app with Xamarin Forms for Android and iOS. The Android version is in the store and is working fine. The iOS version however works perfectly in debug mode, but whenever I install the app in release mode on a device, it crashes immediately. I'm not getting much info when it...
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    Question mobile development upload videos

    Hello dear kind people. so I have a lot of experience coding for games in C# but its the first time that I want to code an "app" for android and iOS there are 3 things that this app does. 1- it gets a couple of numbers from the server and calculates it based on user input 2-I want to be able...
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    Arrange List by Distance [Xamarin]

    Hi Everyone, The app that I am working on currently has user details stored in a db and if you click on any user it will show you their details and also their location pin pointed on a map below their details. What I want the app to do is use my current location and then display the users who...
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    Question Is It Possible to Access iPhone's Camera Directly to WinForm

    Hello and Good Day Everyone, i am not a Professional [C#] Programmer in anyway, this is my first job as a Software Engineer to be honest as i am a fresh graduate (Just a quick background about me) and i've been in this industry for only about 3 Months now my current project's objective is to...
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