Question Is It Possible to Access iPhone's Camera Directly to WinForm


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Aug 23, 2016
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Hello and Good Day Everyone,

i am not a Professional [C#] Programmer in anyway, this is my first job as a Software Engineer to be honest as i am a fresh graduate (Just a quick background about me) and i've been in this industry for only about 3 Months

now my current project's objective is to:

1. Access an iPhone's Camera directly from iPhone -> WinForm (C#) [i think the logic is something like that of a webcam]
2. When accessed, use the iPhone's Camera to Record a Video or Take a Picture and directly save it to the PC or Laptop

now my question is, is this even possible ?. directly communicating with the phone's hardware (camera) and manipulating it on C# ?. If yes, how would it be possible ?.

i know some would say, why not develop a mobile app (Xamarin.iOS for example) ?. Well that is also a viable solution, but as far as the project goes, developing a Desktop Application is what "they" want the most.

i've conducted a lot of research time, yet i failed to get viable resources or trustworthy materials.

i am hoping to get some idea, tip, guide, and opinion here. Thank you everyone
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