1. P

    How to make Intellisense Quick Info for JavaScript and CSS files to appear in Visual Studio 2017?

    In Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2017, when I edit a JavaScript or CSS file, the Intellisense Quick Info for Members, Objects and other keywords don't appear. However, when I open the same files in Visual Studio Code 1.66.0, Intellisense Quick Info is shown properly. This results in me...
  2. Tony21

    IIS doesn't load grid JS

    I have my project worked on mvc i am using jqxGrid but when i publish my project on IIS the grid does not load the data. in my js grid i use URL with parameters. as i have googled i must convert the URL to @url.action, but i don't know how to convert my URL because it has parameters...
  3. P

    How do I scroll to bottom of the page with Javascript but with some delay using selenium?

    Good day, everyone! I have a web page with lazy loading enabled, and I'd like to scroll to the bottom of the page, but with a wait, so that the new components in the page may be seen. At the present, I'm trying JavaScript, but it just scrolls to the bottom of the page, which doesn't reveal any...
  4. A

    Answered How to give red color for rows on html table that have different values on same row?

    How to give red color for rows on html table that have different values on same row ? I work on dynamic table not static get from back end sample below for explain idea . I need when at least one cell from row different from each others then give red font to full row if you see below...
  5. V

    Question Not reload the page in Ng-Click

    <a class="button" ng-click="L(Post)" ng-if="Post.uid =='true'" href="/About/Aboutpage" style="text-decoration:none;" ng-init="LDetails(Post)"> <input type="image" alt="" src="~/Images/like.png" style="max-height:20px; max-width:20px;" />&nbsp;Like<span class="badge">{{Post.L}}</span> </a> <a...
  6. ScottLoudon-VerelogicIT

    C#.Net Software Developer Needed Urgently! - Sheffield - ?35,000 P.A

    Hello All, My client are urgently seeking a number of Software Developers to join their team in Sheffield! :):) Due to growth they are moving into new offices and require multiple C#.Net Developers to join their team. Originally based in London and the South East they are expanding their team...
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