1. B

    Resolved SSIS Send JSON Data HTTPClient

    Good morning, I have a folder full of json format files which need to be sent via C# inside a script task inside SSIS to an API. The SSIS will loop through (foreach it setup) and send each file. Below is the format of all the files(all same format but different values etc)...
  2. B

    Resolved SSIS POST JSON to API

    Good morning, I have some JSON format files and have a requirement to POST these to an API using C# inside SSIS, payloads are sent via HTTPS. The payloads are to be sent with the Content-Type header of "application/json" and the UserAPI-Key header. Successful requests can return 200 and 201...
  3. B

    Creating a JSON File from a CSV file?

    Apologies but this is going to be a "How to" question rather than a technical question. I am very new to C# and using Json. I have a CSV file as follows: Edit - I did manage to find some code here - Convert CSV to JSON in C# - QA With Experts - not sure if this is suitable for my goal as it...
  4. stereochoc

    Resolved API call from c# deserialize problem

    Hello, i just try to get data from an api with a list of country and would like to fill a DropDownList with the data. I have create a class class CountryList { public string id { get; set; } public string text { get; set; } public string textEN { get; set; } }...
  5. SaeedP

    What is the meaning of this part of code

    Hello, Can you please tell me what is the meaning of this code: return responseString!.choices[0].text; regards, Saeed
  6. ScuffedItalian1248

    Json Object deserialization issue using Newtonsoft

    I've deserialized a json file using the code below. I then add a new 'object' to that json file named _customData, now when I do this I get the error System.ArgumentException: 'Could not determine JSON object type for type <>f__AnonymousType0`2[System.Object[],System.Object[]].' at the line...
  7. S

    Question Is it possible to write json in c#

    I'm trying to create a c# framework and a necessity I need is the ability to write with json in C# and if I can how can I go about doing so.
  8. corwinus

    C# Problem with serialize data to many json files

    I have many json files with the same type data Examples: { "$id": "1", "strings": [ { "Key": "some unique key1", "Value": ”some value1” }, { "Key": "some unique key2", "Value": ”some value2” }, ] } { "$id": "1", "strings": [ { "Key": "some unique key3", "Value": ”some...
  9. xtian

    Why does restclient.executeasync<list<T>>() return null for an array-valued JSON response?

    I need help with the project I am currently working on. Please bare with me, I'm not good at coding specially with c# this is my first attempt. I have a button the will pull the data from webservice. Saving of data to database will be triggered with the same button. I have manage to display the...
  10. M

    JSON AJAX returning page HTML instead of method value

    Hi all, I'm trying to make a simple call from an asp.net form using json & ajax to a method in the code-behind page but it's returning that page html instead of the value from the method. Here is the method in the code-behind: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq...
  11. Subrahamanya Bhatt

    Json Parsing issue

    I am Migrating the web API build in .NET framework to .NET core. while migrating I am facing parsing issue which was handle in .NET framework while JSON parsing in API controller. For E.g I am having a class Test with below properties 1. Public bool IsValid{get; set;} 2. public int[] YearId {...
  12. K

    Resolved JSON to a ListBox not displaying correctly

    OK so two things going on here. First I am getting this when the ListBox items gets added. "OK - System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.String] - System.Collections.Generic.List`1[ClassLibraryApi.Report]" Other times it loads nothing and this is the exception it pulls...
  13. F

    SQL to JSON

    Hi I have a stored procedure which returns data like: CREATE TABLE [dbo].[test]( [date1] [datetime] NULL, [number] [int] NOT NULL, [id] [int] NULL, [Description] [varchar](max) NULL, [date2] [datetime] NULL, [rowVersion] [nvarchar](max) NULL, [date3] [datetime]...
  14. V

    Question Report generation for an api

    Hello Community, I want to get some details from an api. I have called the api and received the response in json format. However, all details are not shown correctly. I need help around this. The result generates values in duplicate and also all results are not getting. All I am doing this for...
  15. S

    Question move data from one sql server to another.

    We just redesigned, and rewrote, our application with brand new designed database schema. My next job is to write c# code that will convert and move the data from the old database to the new database. . I'm a simple man. I just want to read the data, massage the data to convert it to the new...
  16. D

    Is it possible to convert JSON data in C#?

    Hi there, I am DBA with zero C# programming experience however I would like to ask all C# programmers out there how they would handle large JSON data. Currently I have a very slow query when trying to convert filestream NVARBINARY(MAX) stored JSON data into NVARCHAR(MAX) from within SQL Server...
  17. N

    Maptionary: A library for parsing YAML/XML/JSON

    Hello! I made a thing, and would very much like input / critiques / comments from folks, if you're interested. It's a library for parsing JSON/YAML/XML into a very free-form and forgiving data structure (that resembles hashes in Ruby/JS/Python). You can find it here...
  18. A

    SQL Data to specified JSon Format

    LIST Time Status A 22:05 0 B 22:10 1 C 22:30 1 A 22:40 0 C 22:50 1 B 22:60 1 The above table needs to be converted to below JSON format [ { "name": "A", data: [ [22:05,0], [22:40,0] ] }, { "name": "B", data: [ [22:10,1]...
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