1. SaeedP

    What is the meaning of this part of code

    Hello, Can you please tell me what is the meaning of this code: return responseString!.choices[0].text; regards, Saeed
  2. ScuffedItalian1248

    Json Object deserialization issue using Newtonsoft

    I've deserialized a json file using the code below. I then add a new 'object' to that json file named _customData, now when I do this I get the error System.ArgumentException: 'Could not determine JSON object type for type <>f__AnonymousType0`2[System.Object[],System.Object[]].' at the line...
  3. S

    Question Is it possible to write json in c#

    I'm trying to create a c# framework and a necessity I need is the ability to write with json in C# and if I can how can I go about doing so.
  4. corwinus

    C# Problem with serialize data to many json files

    I have many json files with the same type data Examples: { "$id": "1", "strings": [ { "Key": "some unique key1", "Value": ”some value1” }, { "Key": "some unique key2", "Value": ”some value2” }, ] } { "$id": "1", "strings": [ { "Key": "some unique key3", "Value": ”some...
  5. xtian

    Why does restclient.executeasync<list<T>>() return null for an array-valued JSON response?

    I need help with the project I am currently working on. Please bare with me, I'm not good at coding specially with c# this is my first attempt. I have a button the will pull the data from webservice. Saving of data to database will be triggered with the same button. I have manage to display the...
  6. M

    JSON AJAX returning page HTML instead of method value

    Hi all, I'm trying to make a simple call from an asp.net form using json & ajax to a method in the code-behind page but it's returning that page html instead of the value from the method. Here is the method in the code-behind: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq...
  7. Subrahamanya Bhatt

    Json Parsing issue

    I am Migrating the web API build in .NET framework to .NET core. while migrating I am facing parsing issue which was handle in .NET framework while JSON parsing in API controller. For E.g I am having a class Test with below properties 1. Public bool IsValid{get; set;} 2. public int[] YearId {...
  8. K

    Resolved JSON to a ListBox not displaying correctly

    OK so two things going on here. First I am getting this when the ListBox items gets added. "OK - System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.String] - System.Collections.Generic.List`1[ClassLibraryApi.Report]" Other times it loads nothing and this is the exception it pulls...
  9. F

    SQL to JSON

    Hi I have a stored procedure which returns data like: CREATE TABLE [dbo].[test]( [date1] [datetime] NULL, [number] [int] NOT NULL, [id] [int] NULL, [Description] [varchar](max) NULL, [date2] [datetime] NULL, [rowVersion] [nvarchar](max) NULL, [date3] [datetime]...
  10. V

    Question Report generation for an api

    Hello Community, I want to get some details from an api. I have called the api and received the response in json format. However, all details are not shown correctly. I need help around this. The result generates values in duplicate and also all results are not getting. All I am doing this for...
  11. S

    Question move data from one sql server to another.

    We just redesigned, and rewrote, our application with brand new designed database schema. My next job is to write c# code that will convert and move the data from the old database to the new database. . I'm a simple man. I just want to read the data, massage the data to convert it to the new...
  12. D

    Is it possible to convert JSON data in C#?

    Hi there, I am DBA with zero C# programming experience however I would like to ask all C# programmers out there how they would handle large JSON data. Currently I have a very slow query when trying to convert filestream NVARBINARY(MAX) stored JSON data into NVARCHAR(MAX) from within SQL Server...
  13. N

    Maptionary: A library for parsing YAML/XML/JSON

    Hello! I made a thing, and would very much like input / critiques / comments from folks, if you're interested. It's a library for parsing JSON/YAML/XML into a very free-form and forgiving data structure (that resembles hashes in Ruby/JS/Python). You can find it here...
  14. A

    SQL Data to specified JSon Format

    LIST Time Status A 22:05 0 B 22:10 1 C 22:30 1 A 22:40 0 C 22:50 1 B 22:60 1 The above table needs to be converted to below JSON format [ { "name": "A", data: [ [22:05,0], [22:40,0] ] }, { "name": "B", data: [ [22:10,1]...
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