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    Question move data from one sql server to another.

    We just redesigned, and rewrote, our application with brand new designed database schema. My next job is to write c# code that will convert and move the data from the old database to the new database. . I'm a simple man. I just want to read the data, massage the data to convert it to the new...
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    Is it possible to convert JSON data in C#?

    Hi there, I am DBA with zero C# programming experience however I would like to ask all C# programmers out there how they would handle large JSON data. Currently I have a very slow query when trying to convert filestream NVARBINARY(MAX) stored JSON data into NVARCHAR(MAX) from within SQL Server...
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    Maptionary: A library for parsing YAML/XML/JSON

    Hello! I made a thing, and would very much like input / critiques / comments from folks, if you're interested. It's a library for parsing JSON/YAML/XML into a very free-form and forgiving data structure (that resembles hashes in Ruby/JS/Python). You can find it here...
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    SQL Data to specified JSon Format

    LIST Time Status A 22:05 0 B 22:10 1 C 22:30 1 A 22:40 0 C 22:50 1 B 22:60 1 The above table needs to be converted to below JSON format [ { "name": "A", data: [ [22:05,0], [22:40,0] ] }, { "name": "B", data: [ [22:10,1]...
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