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  1. ahmedaziz

    Question How to write c# function convert text input to sql server statement return string ?

    I work on some ui web tool on core blazor i need to write csharp function convert this conditions to sql statement so when i filter two columns as databasename and remarks (databaseName == null ? "" : databaseName).ToLower().Contains("db_".ToLower()) and (remarks == null ? "" ...
  2. xtian

    Why does restclient.executeasync<list<T>>() return null for an array-valued JSON response?

    I need help with the project I am currently working on. Please bare with me, I'm not good at coding specially with c# this is my first attempt. I have a button the will pull the data from webservice. Saving of data to database will be triggered with the same button. I have manage to display the...
  3. Sajo

    Question Object Relational Designer does not create entity classes

    Hello. I am using Object Relational Designer because I am working with LINQ to SQL. I am using NORTHWND database. I want that Object Relational Designer create entity class for table which I drag to entitites part. For example I drag Employees table to entities part but it does not create entity...
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