1. D

    Resolved Problem displaying information in a listBox

    Hello, When I display all the agents in my listBox I get the right number of agents but not the right information. I get the result from the attachment. And here is the code of my function: public static List<Utilisateur> GetTousLesAgents() { List<Utilisateur> ListeUsers =...
  2. Celso Calomeno

    Add txt file to a double list?

    If anyone can help me, I'm not able to convert the txt to include in the list string thePath = @"C:\Spectrum.txt"; string seq = File.ReadAllText(thePath); //read the numbers by line string[] text = Regex.Split(seq, "\t"); List<(double mz, double intensity)> ions = new List<(double mz...
  3. W

    Question How to console cards as integers by using a List of cards

    Hello Everyone! I'm new at C#, and Would extremely appreciate any guidance =) Stack at this assignment and have a big hope the community can guide me through the process or at least partially. While unfortunately there is no feedback on my course at all. I'm still trying to read the Microsoft...
  4. J

    How to get an object from a list ?

    hello I'm doing a game and I'm stuck here, I have a collider box created and if I put a bucket in the collider box, it will be added to the List and when I put it away from the collider box it will be removed from List but I need it to fill with dirt in that collider box and I don't know how I...
  5. P

    Resolved how do you compare ordered lists and find the difference int values in the list?

    Good day, everyone! I have two lists (before and after) with me that contain integer values. The only difference between the two lists is that if one of the values in the before list is 1, then one of the values in the after list will be 1 + 1 = 2. Which I need to compare, but I'm having...
  6. Celso Miranda

    Question Order By List Duplicates Keys

    I have the following list IList studentTeste = new List() { new Student() { Id = 1, StudentId = 1, StudentName = "John"} , new Student() { Id = 2, StudentId = 1, StudentName = "John"} , new Student() { Id = 3, StudentId = 2, StudentName = "Ram"} , new Student() { Id = 4...
  7. D

    Dynamic List with foreach

    Hi :) I work at the moment on a database wish refer several customers. I've create a page with textboxes, each with specific x:name (FirstnameFrame, LastnameFrame, BirthdateFrame,...). I've a first class for customer : [SerializableAttribute] public class Customer { public string Frame {...
  8. N

    List<string> to Datagrid

    Hi, I have a List<string> called DataOutput, which I obtained from converting a char array. (I know that it works as i have been able to write it to the output window.) I am trying to display it in a DataGrid either by binding in xaml or through the xaml.cs file. 1. how do i go about this? 2...
  9. V

    Question Listbox value to listbox and back. Error with saving Properties.Settings

    Hi, I have a good working solution to get items from one listbox to another listbox and back. The listbox is filled by a list. Next step is to save the custom template from both listboxes. I tried to do this with Properties.Setting.Default to save the listboxes. But when i can't find a way...
  10. S

    Question Why My List<string> Saved In User Settings doesn´t Save the strings?

    Good Day, I Have A List<string> Saved In My App User Settings, this List is supposed to save the file paths of a openfiledialog to then deserialize it, but I already Called the method Save(); And even the method Upgrade(); After adding the strings to the list, but this strings, doesn´t save. Why?
  11. A

    Question Problems with user control and public properties

    I'm currently trying to create a user control, where one of the properties is a list of an MenuItem class. Here's the code I have so far: private List<MenuItem> menuItems = new List<MenuItem>(); [Browsable(true)] public List<MenuItem> MenuItems { get...
  12. I

    Adding values to a list based on a string delimiter until the next occurence?

    Hi, I have a data string that I put into a list. When I start iterating through the list, I have an if statement that when x.Contains(g), do this. The code that I wrote is.. string g = "<a class="; List<string> K = new List<string>(); foreach (var x in myList) { if (x.Contains(g)) {...
  13. T

    Question datagridview doesn?t show the datasource

    i?m trying to bind a list to a datagridview. i do that: public void seedatagrid(List<myClass> liste2) { dgv_TraceItems.DataSource =liste2; } and the datagridview has the data, but it doesn?t show anything. could you help me?? how can i resolve the problem?? thank you the class...
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