1. Celso Miranda

    Question Order By List Duplicates Keys

    I have the following list IList studentTeste = new List() { new Student() { Id = 1, StudentId = 1, StudentName = "John"} , new Student() { Id = 2, StudentId = 1, StudentName = "John"} , new Student() { Id = 3, StudentId = 2, StudentName = "Ram"} , new Student() { Id = 4...
  2. D

    Dynamic List with foreach

    Hi :) I work at the moment on a database wish refer several customers. I've create a page with textboxes, each with specific x:name (FirstnameFrame, LastnameFrame, BirthdateFrame,...). I've a first class for customer : [SerializableAttribute] public class Customer { public string Frame {...
  3. N

    List<string> to Datagrid

    Hi, I have a List<string> called DataOutput, which I obtained from converting a char array. (I know that it works as i have been able to write it to the output window.) I am trying to display it in a DataGrid either by binding in xaml or through the xaml.cs file. 1. how do i go about this? 2...
  4. V

    Question Listbox value to listbox and back. Error with saving Properties.Settings

    Hi, I have a good working solution to get items from one listbox to another listbox and back. The listbox is filled by a list. Next step is to save the custom template from both listboxes. I tried to do this with Properties.Setting.Default to save the listboxes. But when i can't find a way...
  5. S

    Question Why My List<string> Saved In User Settings doesn´t Save the strings?

    Good Day, I Have A List<string> Saved In My App User Settings, this List is supposed to save the file paths of a openfiledialog to then deserialize it, but I already Called the method Save(); And even the method Upgrade(); After adding the strings to the list, but this strings, doesn´t save. Why?
  6. A

    Question Problems with user control and public properties

    I'm currently trying to create a user control, where one of the properties is a list of an MenuItem class. Here's the code I have so far: private List<MenuItem> menuItems = new List<MenuItem>(); [Browsable(true)] public List<MenuItem> MenuItems { get...
  7. I

    Adding values to a list based on a string delimiter until the next occurence?

    Hi, I have a data string that I put into a list. When I start iterating through the list, I have an if statement that when x.Contains(g), do this. The code that I wrote is.. string g = "<a class="; List<string> K = new List<string>(); foreach (var x in myList) { if (x.Contains(g)) {...
  8. T

    Question datagridview doesn?t show the datasource

    i?m trying to bind a list to a datagridview. i do that: public void seedatagrid(List<myClass> liste2) { dgv_TraceItems.DataSource =liste2; } and the datagridview has the data, but it doesn?t show anything. could you help me?? how can i resolve the problem?? thank you the class...
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