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    Question Listbox value to listbox and back. Error with saving Properties.Settings

    Hi, I have a good working solution to get items from one listbox to another listbox and back. The listbox is filled by a list. Next step is to save the custom template from both listboxes. I tried to do this with Properties.Setting.Default to save the listboxes. But when i can't find a way...
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    ListBox print/save/open

    How can i Print\Save\Open Document's Of a Listbox Into\From The PC Storage ? Please Replay me with Example's:star:
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    How can I update/refresh a Listbox?

    Hi all, I am creating a program to assist with an upcoming job I have at work. I will be required to rename nearly 200 files with a different filename (but with same extension). I have successfully created a program that can rename a file which I select from a listbox, but after renaming, the...
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