1. Verno

    How to valid with a shortcut

    I would like that when I press the enter key after filling in the fields, it triggers the event Connect on picture
  2. J

    Question Wpf, mvvm, & asp.net?

    Okay, I am a beginner so I am going to apologize ahead of time if I don't use the correct terms. I've been looking around for answers on google and seeking help for a while now, but I am having a hard time comprehending this considering I am more of a visual learner. Alright, well here is my...
  3. T

    Question MQLWRITE - Freebase API Login Error

    I have myself a large music db and I would like to contribute to Google's Freebase API. I can see that I need to use MQLWRITE in order to do so. I tried doing so but got unAuthorize annoying error. Can anybody help me login to Freebase? From what I read so far oAuth2 might be my best bet, but...
  4. M

    Keeping a user logged in

    Looked all over Google and can't find this. If I was to use a mysql database to store usernames and md5 passwords, I know I can compare entered data to log a user in. But how do I make the user stay logged in? So if I was to load another form I wouldn't need to enter my login details again as...
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