1. rei

    Code not working.

    using System; namespace C_Sharp_Practice { class MainClass { public static void Main (string[] args) { string[] FavoriteFoods = new string[5]; FavoriteFoods[0] = "Apples"; FavoriteFoods[1] = "Carrots"; FavoriteFoods[2] = "Steak"; FavoriteFoods[3] = "Pizza"...
  2. J

    int method to return string?

    I apologize that this a simple question, but the solution escapes me. I'm passing an int to a method but want to return a string. public static int Example(int x ) { string myString = ""; if(x < 10) { myString = "less...
  3. D

    Calling methods on one form from another

    Hi All. I have a program which when a button is clicked on Form1 it runs a vision system operation on an image in a window on a Form1. There are also other buttons on the Form1 which can change things like threshold levels so the inspection can be run again with different settings. It all works...
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