.net 6

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    Using Env Variables In AppSettings.Json

    I am trying to hide my server username and password in my default connection string. I have environment variables I set in the default config menu of visual studio, but how would I go about referencing them from default config? I can't use any string interpolation there. {...
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    Create ADO.Net Entity Model On Mac

    I am using .Net 6 and Framework 4.8 to build an app with Visual Studio but I can't seem to create the Ado .Net Entity Model it is not listed when I try to create a new class. Is there a simple way to create it on mac?
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    Resolved Process of Building Web Apps

    Hi everyone, I would like to build a menu display system for tablets(no ordering feature). I have defined some endpoints for my API and it works (I'm using .NET Core and PostgreSQL) There are three main projects in a solution I guess: - Frontend for customer (Angular v13) - Backend for...
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