1. AlphonseG

    Check Printing with MICR E13-B Font

    I have spent hours searching for technical info on this subject, but have come up empty. Like most, I build reports (.NET Winforms app) using a reporting engine like Crystal Reports, DevExpress (my choice), etc. When a special font is needed, just install it on the machine and set the...
  2. S

    Report viewer for Visual Studio 2019

    Hi all, I am getting stuck with report viewer in Visual Studio 2019. I already have installed report designer and is working perfectly fine but whenever I try to install the "Report Viewer" from Nuget packages, it always either crashed or fails to load properly and show any report. Any permanent...
  3. M

    Question fill jpeg image with users text

    I want to export the jpeg(pre-designed) image of A4 size from windows form filled by the data from database in vs2010. Let me give you full description of my problem... I have one A4 size image(2484x3501) containing 10 ID cards template. What i have to do is fill that jpeg image with users...
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