Question fill jpeg image with users text


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Jun 21, 2013
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I want to export the jpeg(pre-designed) image of A4 size from windows form filled by the data from database in vs2010.

Let me give you full description of my problem...
I have one A4 size image(2484x3501) containing 10 ID cards template.
What i have to do is fill that jpeg image with users text from database using labels or textboxes and Export it again as jpeg or pdf.
Image format and size is fix we cannot change as it is according to the printng sheet of ID cards.
So how to do it??
Method already used:
1. Using Windows Form print -- Fails due to exporting of low resolution image.
2. Using Panel Print -- Panel is larger size(2484X3510)A4 size than Windows form and I cannot reach it's all ends to set the Labels or controls every on panel
3. Using Report.rdlc -- I cannot get textboxes over Image.
PLeaase suggest me some solid method.
Thanks in Advance.
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