1. StudioCrusader

    Project cant be builded

    Hello, i cant build my c# winforms project. it shows this error: Error MSB4018 the "CreateAppHost" task failed unexpectedly. Microsoft.NET.HostModel.HResultException: 80070002 v Microsoft.NET.HostModel.ResourceUpdater.AddResourcesFromPEImage(String peFile) v...
  2. I

    Question something like BoxedApp SDK?

    Do you guys know anything like BoxedApp Sdk? I need to run a program from memory and BoxedApp is not working for some programs: / Sorry for the lousy English ...
  3. LEADTOOLS Support


    LEAD Technologies is pleased to announce the release of LEADTOOLS Version 19. Headlining this release are the new Document Viewer and Document Converter frameworks for .NET and HTML5/JavaScript. Combined with significant updates and additions throughout the Document, Medical, Imaging and...
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