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    function for date search

    Hello! I have created a local database in Visual Studio 2010 and a web application which interracts with it. I have a text box in which i write a date (delivery date, for example) and a search button to display all the information about an invoice having the delivery date i mention in the text...
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    Search Engine for ASP.NET Web Apps. - Version 2012.2 released

    Keyoti are pleased to release version 2012.2 of their ASP.NET search control. Provide end users with powerful, index based, search functionality. Search for ASP.NET allows web developers to integrate a search control in to their applications quickly and easily. New features in version 2012.2...
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    Keyoti release a new version of their ASP.NET search engine control

    'Search for ASP.NET' is a simple to use and highly customizable ASP.NET search engine control for web applications. Visual Studio designer support makes integrating search into your apps as easy as dragging the control to your ASPX page, setting the directory for your index files and importing...
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