Search Engine for ASP.NET Web Apps. - Version 2012.2 released


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Apr 11, 2013
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Keyoti are pleased to release version 2012.2 of their ASP.NET search control.

Provide end users with powerful, index based, search functionality. Search for ASP.NET allows web developers to integrate a search control in to their applications quickly and easily.

New features in version 2012.2 include;

  • Allow keywords to match parts of filenames that are split by hyphens or underscores. Eg. match "key1" to "my-key1-file.pdf".
  • Change "_all" queries (which return all documents authorized for user) to only return documents within specified location and content categories.
  • Minor bug fixes and API improvements (from customer feedback).

Download a free evaluation of Search for ASP.NET today and see how easy it is to add a search engine to your ASP.NET web applications.

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