1. B

    Question I have a problem encrypting the database connection data file inside the xml file

    0 I have a problem encrypting the database connection data file inside the xml file Please help encrypt the xml file, as it contains data for connecting to the database when entering the system It remains encrypted so that the server data is not known Project source code...
  2. R

    Question adding Bearer Token to BasicAuthentication?

    Hi, I have an ASP.Net Web API 2 with BasicAuthenticationAttribute that is working as expected. In my application, there are different controllers and I want to add bearer token-based authentication to one of my controllers. I added those NuGet packages: Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Owin...
  3. redexception

    Overwrite Systemfiles

    Hello, first of all I want to say I'm 14 years old and this is for educational purposes only! I don't want to damage any kind of person / system. So... I've built a program that overwrite logonui.exe with another logonui.exe . When I take ownership manually of the System32 folder everything is...
  4. pampua84

    Algorithm to generate secure number of fixed lenght with RNGCryptoServiceProvider

    Hi guys, I'm looking for an algorithm to generate a safe random number like an OTP and I found this code on the web: const int min = 100000; const int max = 999999; const int elemInRange = max - min + 1; var randomData = new byte[4]; using var rng = new RNGCryptoServiceProvider()...
  5. D

    Where should I store my encryption keys?

    What is current best practice regarding implementing encryption within a c# program and can anyone recommend some good articles/tutorials/examples? Basically I want to create an application which makes use of encryption (using standard .net libraries) for internal security features. It will not...
  6. Y

    Question Web application did not enforce a content security policy

    Hi I Have a Security Issue on my Web Application. My ASP.NET Web application did not enforce a content security policy. This could potentially allow an attacker to insert malicious, executable content into the application's responses. CSP is currently supported by most modern browsers, with the...
  7. S

    File integrity

    hello everyone I'm currently developping a software to check the format of some files, this software allow the user to create a special tree folder, and then to fill it with files, when the user transfert a file in a specific folder of the tree Forlder, I check if the format is correct. I also...
  8. B

    TLS/SSL Security with wolfSSL

    Hello C# development world. If looking for a progressive, low memory TLS library for security, wolfSSL now has a wrapper for C#. The Visual Studio project for it, along with some examples, can be found in the directory wolfSSL_root/wrapper/CSharp/ off of the github download at...
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