1. M

    C++ Template in C#

    I have a template in C++ that looks like this: template<typename T> static void initStruct(T* t) { memset(t, 0, sizeof(T)); t->member1 = [something]; } Note that T can be different kind of structs and each one has "member1" but the size for each struct can be different.
  2. stad_nico

    Resolved What is the best way of storeing custom data values?

    I am new to c# and I need to store many custom values maybe as an object? I am used to JavaScript, the following code does that what I want in JS, but I dont know how to do the same in c#: var exampleObject = { "playerScored":true, "goalCount": 5, "playerInfo": { "name": "Manuel...
  3. M

    Question Pairing The Elements of 2 Array For Once

    Hello, I'm working on fixture project and trying to assign teams with each other.I have 18 teams and half of this is playing at home and the other half is playing at away.I created 2 structs.First struct is named "Teams" and holds the infos about each team(it's code is at below) public struct...
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