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    Question How to write non-ascii characters on maskedTextBox?

    I'm using TripleDESCryptoService and I keep the encrypted text in byte[]. I want to display this on a textBox. So I choose AsciiOnly = False for maskedTextBox. Now I copy a non-ascii character and paste it on maskedTextBox and there is no problem. But when I do it in code it fails. Example text...
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    Answered Combine multiple lines into a single line in a textbox

    Hi, I have a wpf application that has a textbox to which value is inserted using a scanner. At one time when I scan a single data, multiple lines comes into textbox which can be scrolled down to see. But I dont want them as multiple lines. I want to combine all lines into a single line and see...
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    Textbox not filling with last letter of the entered string

    Hi, I have created an application for learning purposes. Its a wpf application. The application works like this. First is the main window. It has a button called open and a textbox. When I click on open a new window will open up. This new window has 3 textboxes and 1 button ok. The three...
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    Getting the contents of TextBoxes created "on the fly"

    I've got a TableLayoutPanel (called userPanel) where I create 3 rows containing one label and two text boxes. At the application startup, I create them like this: public MainForm() { InitializeComponent(); for (int i = 0; i < userPanel.RowCount; i++) { userPanel.Controls.Add(new...
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