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    How to apply template on excel file exported using oledb ?

    Hi, I have exported data into excel file using oledb since I cannot use interop or any third party library. Here is my code ''' <summary> ''' Export datagridview's data contained in an data table to excel file ''' </summary> ''' <param...
  2. M

    How do I use if statement to determine which method to use based on specified time?

    What I need help with is (if statements) how to determine which method to use (to run a process) based on specified weekday time. Dates are irrelevant. How do I use specified time to decide the method to use? I do not need help with the process or even the methods. All I need help with is if...
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    Jaxcent makes Webforms programming as simple as Winforms programming

    Jaxcent for .NET (http://www.jaxcent.com/dotnet/) uses AJAX to eliminate postbacks in ASP.NET web applications, and to provide an event-driven style programming. This allows programming Webforms as simple as Winforms programming, by handling events from HTML elements such as buttons, and by...
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    Question How to set borderstyle of a datagridview column at runtime (.Net Framework 4.0)?

    I have a readonly datagridview that is bound to a datasource. It has two columns. Now I want the first column to have no cell borderstyle; and the second one to have 'All' (i.e. all sides of the cell shall have a border) as cell borderstyle. Before binding the datagridview to the...
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