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  1. creampuff1

    Trying to get the autofill thing working

    Im sorry if this is stupid but how do I make this menu (where it starts to autofill after rigidbody) show up in visual studio? It would make my life so much easier
  2. T

    Need help with some C# code

    I want to make a c# application that for example pings a server. I have a list of 200+ servers. 10 servers I want to ping every 5 seconds, 50 servers I want to ping every 30seconds and the remaining every 1 minute. All data will be stored in a database. How would I go about in seperating these...
  3. B

    Winning chance in lottery.

    I have a problem with my code. The exercise is the following: For example if I input: 49 6 I The result is ok, but when I input: 45 15 III The result is not what I expected. It is 0.2162171866, but it has to be 0.0000001324. Any suggestions what is wrong with my code? How can I...
  4. H

    Answered How to colour a textbox which contain the maximum value of a two-dimensional array?

    I have a two-dimensional array of random integers that are in an array of textboxes. I found the maximum and brought it to Label1. Everything works. But I still need to colour the textbox in which this maximum is located. I had versions, but unsuccessful. Please help, who knows where the error...
  5. misael

    how to build quarantine system ?

    I'm making antivirus but stuck in quarantine feature. im not sure what i do is right way step that i doing now : 1. create folder quarantine [done] 2. move suspected file into folder quarantine [done] 3. encryption executeable file on quarantine folder. so the suspected file can't be...
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