visual studio 2010

  1. aw48

    Question how update picturebox graphics of mdichildform

    hi, I'm developing a small picture editing application in VS10 c# using mdi. Loading an image from file or creating a new image will always open a new childform. The childform has menustrip, picturebox,scrollbars (to scroll the picturebox image) and statusstrip the issue I get is as long as I...
  2. aw48

    Drag and drop from listview to listbox more than one line at a time

    hi, from listview I want to move a number of lines to a listbox here' s the listview's mouse_down : private void lvLib_MouseDown(object sender, MouseEventArgs e) { ListView lv = (ListView)sender; ListViewHitTestInfo info = lv.HitTest(e.X, e.Y)...
  3. T

    Question Disable working of Keyboard?

    I need to made a Secured Login Page in C#.NET Windows Forms Application. in this process I have need to disable my pc's keyboard and use only ON SCREEN KEYBOARD. I have open ON SCREEN KEYBOARD but still can't disable my peripheral device keyboard? please help me in this regards......
  4. J

    Connecting to Database in Visual Studio 2010

    I am fairly new to C# and just as new to Visual Studio and am working on a project for personal development. I am following the instructions at the following page to set up a connection from a windows form to the database: How to: Create and Execute an SQL Statement that Returns Rows I have a...
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