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  1. V

    Question Error in method JsonDocument.Parse

    Please tell me. I can't solve the error in the JsonDocument.Parse method in any way. Translation of the error text: Error CS1061 / "object" does not contain a definition for "Parse" and it was not possible to find an extension method "Parse" that takes the type "object" as the first argument...
  2. D

    VS 2015 - Running Unit tests from cmd line, problems with initializing chromedriver

    First of all: The unit tests in this case are functional tests using Selenium Webdriver. The reason for this is that I like the VS unit test framework, and find it easy to organize the solution with separate projects for the actual automation and the tests. This is a framework which is...
  3. dtoxic

    Question Windows Application to Maintain Fuel Dispensers Readings and Sales

    Hello C Sharpers... This is dtoxic, my experience in C# is "Hello World":hopelessness:. I have been recently appointed at a fuel station as a Data Entry Operator, there is no POS (Point of Sale) system installed here. All the data is maintained manually with pen and paper. It is actually a...
  4. T

    Question Creating a Resizable Desktop Window That Allows User to Play Apps In it

    Dear Friends I am as good as a newbie when it comes to the C# platform, although I do have some programming background. I wish to create a desktop application (for now I will call it flexible-window app) that when started, it opens a blank window without a visible close button, but is just...
  5. L

    Run Powershell commands inside Winform C# with another users crfedential

    When I click the view button it executes the Powershell code successfully and displays the results in 3 different textboxes. This is working as should. But I need to run this with another user credential and this should happen when I click the command button. We are not going to get access to...
  6. Fosol

    Visual Studio 2015 RC + Entity Framework 6.1.3 + Oracle ManagedDataAccess 12.1.022

    I'm attempting to develop an application in the new world of Visual Studio 2015 DNX projects. I'm unable to figure out how to get Entity Framework 6.1.3 to connect to Oracle 12c with the Oracle.ManagedDataAccess NuGet Package. I get the following error; "Unable to determine the provider name for...
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