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  1. S

    ErrorCode XDG0003

    Hi I get the errorCode XDG0003. I can understand (while googeling" that is a name I don't make. And it is the name Path. I have several path. Some I can change to the right one. But some I have problems with. Let's take one of them: <Label x:Name="LblComponentActiveId" Margin="0 0 8 0"...
  2. amirdaneshi

    Question how to resolve this error: The name 'InitializeComponent' does not exist in the current context?

    hi, i'm new to dot net and i really want to get into WPF. but when i create a brand new project in visual studio or in dotnet sdk, i keep getting this error that says: The name 'InitializeComponent' does not exist in the current context? in both vs and vscode there is a red line under it as...
  3. MYJZ003

    How to pass NUnit test when reading the data from excel file?

    At ExcelReader.cs, I got the code: At ExcelReader_Tests.cs, I have the code: I have the excel file, "Registration_Data.xlsx" and I put in the following: Name | Email | Phone | Password Mark | Testing | 12345678 | M456912 After I run, the result is exited with code 0. How will I solve this...
  4. AyalaOrtiz

    Create a file from the Arduino serial communication (using a HMI)

    I am trying to create a file with the data that my Arduino sends me from a graphical interface created in Windows Forms App (.NET Framework), currently I already receive the information and I use a graph to show the behavior of these variables type floats but I need to store that information...
  5. ThreeNamesGrace

    Problem setting the Text property of a Characters object in Excel Interop using Visual C#

    I'm making ChartSheets in Excel using .NET 7 and the latest update of Office 365; this is the code that I use to change the style of the charts and give them a title: GráficasFrecuenciaGanancia[i - 1].ChartType = XlChartType.xlLineMarkers; GráficasFrecuenciaGanancia[i-1].HasTitle = true...
  6. V


    Hi Team, Am getting below error when i try to build the Azure function app in VS 2022 Enterprise version. please advise. C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk\7.0.101\Microsoft.Common.CurrentVersion.targets(5513,5): error MSB4044: The "FindUnderPath" task was not given a value for the required parameter...
  7. Samuel David

    Question How to see code coverage result in Visual Studio 2022 professional

    Hello Everyone, I am using visual studio 2022 professional. Used Xunit, wrote unit cases in the project. How can I see the code coverage percentage. Please suggest me. Thanks
  8. simos-sigma

    Question How can I access the resources of a project through a custom "uitypeeditor" which is located into a control library?

    Hello!!! :) I am trying to make a custom UITypeEditor with a dialog box which will import .svg files into a project or will select one from those already imported, like the Select Resource Dialog Box does with other files. I have managed to make it get the .svg file from a file and then place...
  9. C

    Resolved How Does Visual Studio For macOS See a Namespace That Does Not Exist?

    SANITY CHECK Please accept my apology for a long post. Even though this post is long, to provide context, the question I have is an easy, I think. BACKGROUND For the last 10 years, I worked with native linux servers, php, apache and other non-microsoft technology. Getting back into the MS...
  10. M

    Question How to generate a self-contained .exe that can be run from other PCs

    Dear C# Experts, First off, please forgive me to ask basic, maybe silly questions. I am a C# beginner. I developed a C# script (attached) that gets access to a Postgres database, the Velocity database, ConsoleX (available from GitHub), and some fuzzy string search algorithms. Therefore my code...
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