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    Question [VSTO] Is It possible to use like web server?

    Hi, When deploying using VSTO, is it possible to use centrally created functions such as web server? I am making add-in in excel using VSTO. When user click the added button, I want to get the policy from the central server and make it work. Is it possible?
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    Question [VSTO] Can I Catch event when user add a row?

    Is there an event in Excel after a user adds a row? After adding a row, a separate additional operation is attempted in the background. (for example, set background color to red)
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    Question [VSTO] how can i show messagebox when user edit locked cell.

    I want to allow the user to input only certain cells in Excel and other cells will be locked. (example: .Cells[1,1]) I wrote the code as below, the problem is I want to show a specific message when user input locked cell. (example: "You Can't Modify Item Cost") What should I do...
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