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  1. dv2020

    Winform Front end SQL/Query Builder for end user options

    Hi All, I'm currently exploring options to provide a front end user to query a database tables by selection which items/filters they want. I came across this product EasyQuery which looks promising. My initial though was simply to use a data grid/or traditional report and then have the user...
  2. D

    Stock Map

    Hi guys, I am creating a system in the C # language, via Visual Studio with Windows Forms. And he will have to make an appointment to return the streets registered on a basis. The query will return, the quantity of products on the street, the street name, longitude and latitude of the street...
  3. dtoxic

    Question Windows Application to Maintain Fuel Dispensers Readings and Sales

    Hello C Sharpers... This is dtoxic, my experience in C# is "Hello World":hopelessness:. I have been recently appointed at a fuel station as a Data Entry Operator, there is no POS (Point of Sale) system installed here. All the data is maintained manually with pen and paper. It is actually a...
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