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    Question Use Dynamic Resource from the class

    Hello there! I am programming something with views, view models, and models, and i need to display a DataGrid. I want to put the names of the colums in a xaml file, so the user can choose a langage package. I need to declare these colums in my ViewModel file. This work fine when I put the name...
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    Windows Form DataGridViews

    Hi! ive got two dataGridViews with two columns each and i have a (csv file) with products and prices that i import to gridView1. string[] lines = File.ReadAllLines("Products.csv"); foreach (string line in lines) { string[] words =...
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    Question connection string over internet

    Hi, i am trying to learn C# programing language, so far i am an absolute beginner. I find visual studio and C# to be a fantastic tool. I am trying to make a very simple windows form application that would connect to SQL server over internet with which a user could add or change data in the...
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    Question Excel automation run macro

    Hi If i make mistakes in posting this I apologize in advance. I am new to this forum. Before I begin I am a beginner in C# I went through some web videos in two days and wrote this script (below). Objective: The Script has to monitor a particular folder, if the folder contains a file...
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    Question Disable working of Keyboard?

    I need to made a Secured Login Page in C#.NET Windows Forms Application. in this process I have need to disable my pc's keyboard and use only ON SCREEN KEYBOARD. I have open ON SCREEN KEYBOARD but still can't disable my peripheral device keyboard? please help me in this regards......
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    Question fill jpeg image with users text

    I want to export the jpeg(pre-designed) image of A4 size from windows form filled by the data from database in vs2010. Let me give you full description of my problem... I have one A4 size image(2484x3501) containing 10 ID cards template. What i have to do is fill that jpeg image with users...
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