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  1. D

    System.FormatException : 'Input string was not in a correct format.'

    Good evening, I get an error on this line : command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@chambreCat", Convert.ToInt32(cbAdminCat.Text)); I want to be able to convert my character string to INT otherwise I could not insert the value into the database if it is not an integer. Here is the code for my...
  2. Programmable Physics

    WinForms : adding a form1 object as a parameter of radiobutton event causes error in the Designer

    Here are the code snippeds, form1.cs: And, here is the Designer ERROR : If I pass a form object as an parameter into a normal method argument, it works fine this way, no designer & eventhandler error occurs. However if I use events like RadioButton Checked Changed, then I get this EVENT...
  3. mariodeghetto

    I will publish 3 books on C# (free preview + early bird edition)

    Hello, everyone! Excuse me for taking the liberty of asking you for help with a publishing project I have started. If possible, I would like to ask you to publish a post on your blog or in your technical community, indicating this link: (Free preview) My new book "Programming in C# – Basic...
  4. C

    Printer using Windows Forms

    People, hello again! I need a help, using the ToolStrip! I have a basic experience in the ToolStrip! So, i gonna use the ToolStrip, and click in the button, and i click in the Insert Standard Items. Probably, gonna show the bar. And, if i click in the printer button in the ToolStrip ''bar'', how...
  5. C

    Using MongoDB in C#

    Hello guys!! So, i need help!! I want use the MongoDB, programming in C#. I need help, and i gonna make all 100% alone in the program C#. So, someone can help me please, how to use the Mongo DB database in C#? So, i know use MongoDB, and connect the database, using the tables, but, i have very...
  6. C

    Question about the recognized in Windows Forms

    How can i program in C#, to make the form be filled and recognized, as 1st, 2nd, 3rd-100th, all times, with the people fill?
  7. C

    Issues with Badges in Windows Forms not showing up on task bar

    Hello. I have an issue with badge notifications using windows forms. The badge icon does not show up in the taskbar, but does show up in the start menu. I made a test UWP app, where the badges show up both in the start menu and in the taskbar no problem. I run the exact same code to send a badge...
  8. S

    Hi guys just have a question regarding parameterized queries.

    Initially I was concatenating my SQL queries, i was then informed that it would be best to use parameterized queries to prevent SQL Injection. I've now done that and everything works fine, however when posting on a forum yesterday about one of my queries not working properly, a person told me...
  9. S

    Warn user with messageBox if they navigate away from the current user control

    I've tried to achieve this by creating a leave event on the user control, but the message Box isn't appearing for some reason. I also have a panel in front of the user control which I'm thinking might be the issue? Below is the code i have so far: private void...
  10. S

    Resolved Creating a seat reservation feature on windows forms.

    I'm making a coach booking system and I'm at the final stage where the user has to select a seat before inserting the data within a table. When the user selects one of the picture boxes it'll turn green, and that specific seat Id will be stored within the Booking table. If another customer...
  11. S

    Resolved how to transfer data from one grid view to a text box in another user control

    When the user double clicks on one of the bookings within the grid view, i would like to transfer the Id to a text box in a separate user control. Any ideas of how could I achieve this? Thankyou private void availableBookings_CellDoubleClick(object sender, DataGridViewCellEventArgs e)...
  12. S

    Resolved Needs some assistance with a seat reservation system.

    I'm currently creating a windows form project which is for a coach booking system using the baked in SQL server. What I'm trying to figure out at the moment is the best way to reserve a seat for a particular customer. In my coach table i have the coach Type i.e. single decker and double...
  13. Nick...

    Starting C#

    My first question is where can I learn C #. Note: I know programming logic and have some progress in C #. My second question is windows form or Is there anything we cannot do with but can do with windows form? I am thinking of turning to the web field later. What kind of roadmap...
  14. S

    Question Why My List<string> Saved In User Settings doesn´t Save the strings?

    Good Day, I Have A List<string> Saved In My App User Settings, this List is supposed to save the file paths of a openfiledialog to then deserialize it, but I already Called the method Save(); And even the method Upgrade(); After adding the strings to the list, but this strings, doesn´t save. Why?
  15. K

    Question Why are programmatically added controls not shown?

    Does anyone know why these controls are not displayed on the form? When I add the controls over the design and the algorithm writes the properties to the InitializeComponents method, everything works great. But if I use the same code from the designer in the form constructor with just different...
  16. M

    Windows Forms application with a shared database

    I am pretty much new in C# programming and desktop applications development. Still, I have a deep understanding of OOP concepts, patterns etc., because I come from other languages/platforms. What I am interested in, are some guidelines / best practices... I am about to to make an app that will...
  17. G

    Question Validating Cell if there is same info

    Hello guys I have 1 question How Can i check cell if there is same Data or not . For Example here you see that there are many 2550000 so i want to code that checks this row and see if there is more than 4 same info just MessageBox.Show("there are too many same data"+(the data what is too...
  18. J

    Issue calling third party C code

    Hello I have a third party api that I am using within a C# Windows form I am having trouble with one piece of it where I am trying to increment through a ptr to a structure that has a ptr to ten structures within it and was hoping for some advice This is my code for a function call - In a...
  19. sanjeewa.nibm

    DataGridview update and Datagridview refresh

    What would be the similarities and differences in DataGridview.Update() and Datagridview.Refresh() methods What are the places to use DataGridview.Update() and Datagridview.Refresh() I'm little confused
  20. J

    Windows firewall question

    Hi there, I am working on an application which makes the user's computer act as a server in a local network by binding itself to a random open port. The user gets a popup letting the them know that it has blocked my application or some of its features. What I am trying to understand is this...
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