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    How Do I Add Search Feature To My Wp8 App

    Good day i am developing an application that has several pages in it, instead of the user having to go through the stress of navigating to the required page i will like to add a search feature in which when the user type in the required page keyword it will take the user to the page without...
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    Increase and decrease font size in wp8 app

    Good day I will like to add a feature that will give users ability to increase and decrease the font size of my app The size should be from 1-5 or small, medium and big How can i implement this Reply soon and thank you in advance
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    Question creating audio recording app, recordings get appended

    I am creating a Windows Phone travel app that also allows users to record audio fragments, these are then saved to isolated storage and are retrieved when a user requests them. I have coded the page that does the recording, saving to storage and playback but the problem is when I make a...
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