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    Resolved ScrollViewer doesn't work with dynamically created content

    Hi, I have a dockPanel inside a scrollviewer. In that dockpanel I create a lot of buttons, and what happens is that the scrollviewer doesnt react at all and new buttons just clip through the app. (And when I resize the app they stay cropped). I can't find any instructions on how to set that up...
  2. H

    Question Start in learn WPF and I have a little problem...

    I have read this book https://www.tutorialspoint.com/wpf/wpf_tutorial.pdf and on page 22,23 this code example do not run.... and Am I missing? UserControl1.xaml using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; using...
  3. Neal

    Question WPF vs. Winforms 2018

    One of those questions that are frequent, annual, and indecisive! When considering a new project in 2018 what platform are you choosing for Windows and why? WPF is the current and future platform, some say, yet Winforms continues to grow by 3rd party vendors (I use Developer Express) as if WPF...
  4. J

    How Do I Add Search Feature To My Wp8 App

    Good day i am developing an application that has several pages in it, instead of the user having to go through the stress of navigating to the required page i will like to add a search feature in which when the user type in the required page keyword it will take the user to the page without...
  5. J

    Increase and decrease font size in wp8 app

    Good day I will like to add a feature that will give users ability to increase and decrease the font size of my app The size should be from 1-5 or small, medium and big How can i implement this Reply soon and thank you in advance
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