Accessing files over network (both machines in same domain)


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Mar 29, 2017
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Hi everyone... I am trying to write a piece of code that will access a file remotely
without username and password. Could someone please help me to accomplish
this either by pointing me in the right direction or showing me some code
that will do this.

Thanks in advance

I think that is a very broad question. It can depend on many things...

What machines you are trying to use? is it an intranet or internet? What type of files are you trying to transfer?

The best thing that I could say is that you would need an active directory that would almost host a session which will ultimately enable you to transfer the files between the two (or more) systems. I know they use active directories for IT admin software because I know someone who makes the software and I've seen him do it. What the software would do is allow for certain individuals to access certain files and that involves the basic fundamentals of file transfer on remote computers.

Hope that helps.
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