Question Adding binding controls query into the forms


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Jun 26, 2012
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Hello, I want to ask a beginner question, and I don't know if this is the right thread. I'm currently just start learning Visual Studio 2008 from scratch (no basic at all), and I've learn about how to create database inside the solution. I also know how to click and drag tables and columns from the data sources to the form to create data binding controls.

The problem comes when I want to add data binding controls for query. For tables, it's pretty straightforward from the data sources. But when I tried to create query in the server explorer, I don't know where the server explorer store it. After I compose the query and press CTRL+S, and close the query compose tab, there were no sign of the query anywhere in the server explorer. I tried to refresh, but has no result. I can see my tables, my diagrams, but not my queries. I can't find my queries when I tried to create data sources, either. But I know my queries are created and saved because if I right click and choose "add query", the name of the query incremented, from Query1, to Query2, to Query3, and so on.

I know the answer to this problem supposedly easy. But no matter where I look at the server explorer and the internet, I can't find the answer. Can anyone give hints how can I find where the queries stored, and how to pull it into the data sources to be able to be used as a data driven controls?

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