Anti Aliasing Issue - Text looks ok in designer but pixilated at runtime?!


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Mar 23, 2014
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Hi there,

I have recently converted a project from to c# and have managed to resolve all the major issues bar this one .

In the designer all the text looks as it should be, but during runtime, all the text becomes pixelated. Labels, Buttons, etc ... any control with a text field suffers and as a result looks terrible!

Could anyone suggest what might be happening here and what I could do to rectify it?

See attached screen shot - top is design view bottom is whilst running.

Unless I'm being thick, or otherwise tired and unobservant, I don't appear to have a Program.cs file. Is this likely to be the related to the problem?
Can you post a screenshot of your Solution Explorer with each node expanded? Please attach it directly to your post rather than using an external site as so many people do.
Everything below app.config is my own forms and classes.

Are you absolutely sure about that? Here's a screenshot of VS 2013 immediately after creating a new C# WinForms application project.


Note what's selected in the Solution Explorer.
I am absolutely sure that there is no program.cs file... I wonder if this could be related to the fact it was converted from a project.

Could I create a new project and then copy the program.cs file from that into this project or would that not work due to the contents being application specific?
So where is your Main method then? It's the Main method that is actually of interest. It's placed in the Program.cs code file by default when a C# project is created but if you've put it somewhere else then look there.
Not sure this is relevant but...

In the project properties, under Application tab. There is a drop down named 'Startup object', In the version I could chose any of my forms from this list. In this version, the selected object is '(Not Set') and the only other option list is 'Project.My.MyApplication'

Despite the startup object not being specified, and the choice of forms missing, when run it still runs the same form first as it did in the version.

Is this somehow connected to the lack of Program.cs or have I stumbled upon something irrelevant ? I thought I might have found the Main method (presumably named 'Main' ? ) in the first form to load but didn't spot anything obvious.
Used a conversion tool. Can't remember the name of it off the top of my head but it allowed you to import a project from press a few buttons and after reviewing/correcting potential errors, spits out a version. Overall it has done a good job, there's just one or two little things like this that have left me perplexed.
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