Audio Editor with React and ASP


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Dec 20, 2022
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I am in need of a nuget package/library which offers the functionalities to edit audio files (such as changing pitch/tempo/trimming audio) on a website that will be made with React.

Looking forward to your suggestions.
Since React is in JavaScript, why are you asking in a C# forum? Out of the intent for the signal processing to be done in C# (or native) on the backend, and then the transformed data is sent to the JavaScript frontend?
I might have worded my question wrong. I need the audio editing features in the backend, which in this case is .NET technology but I cannot find such a library/package for it. If anybody know a useful library/package, please do share.
How does Naudio -- the top google search -- not fit your requirements?
The README for that project had a pretty extensive list of examples.

Or is one of your unspoken requirements that not only do you need a Nuget package or library, but you also need code that uses that library that you can just drop into your backend without needing to understand how the library works or how to use it?
The only application less well suited to client/server infrastructure than audio editing that springs to my mind, is video editing..
And how ironic that we can manipulate millions of frames of video in practically realtime with our MMORPGs, but not for video editing. Must be several orders of magnitude increase in bandwidth needed for video editing to happen. Where is my quantum entanglement modem when I need it?

(Yes, I know that most modern MMORPGs have every player running the sim locally, and the server just sends small packets of updates to all the clients, and there is tolerance for missed updates. There is no frame by frame update. But to a layperson it looks like everything is coming from the server because they can't play if there is no server.)
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