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  1. EdizOnFire

    Audio Editor with React and ASP

    I am in need of a nuget package/library which offers the functionalities to edit audio files (such as changing pitch/tempo/trimming audio) on a website that will be made with React. Looking forward to your suggestions.
  2. S

    Replace shortcode with partialview in ASP .NET

    I have defined few shortCode in Database. When i am displaying in view, ShortCode not replacing with the PartalView defined in the Dictionary. In Database i am creating a field Description. There i am storing HTML text along with Few Short code. When i display Description in view. I want the...
  3. maddyrafi

    Resolved Connection string Error VS

    I want to insert table in db and make connection to mysql to vs. The error i attached in the attachment and coding given below using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; using...
  4. A

    Resolved How to pass data from Controller to WebForm in ASP.NET MVC?

    I am trying to learn ASP.NET MVC and ADO.NET. I am making a demo website in which there would be an admin panel. The admin would update the Daily Messages which will get reflected in the main homepage. I am using ASP.NET MVC. I have created the table in database as create table DailyMsg(Sno int...
  5. A

    Resolved How to set a paragraph text dynamically in ASP.NET?

    I am creating a website in My website has an admin page. The admin will use this page to daily update website's content. This content will get reflected to the main website. I am using Application variable to pass values from one page to another. Admin.aspx <form runat="server">...
  6. sachin Shrestha

    testing web API endpoint locally?

    I am Developing a web API in .net MVC how to access that API endpoint in my devices which are connected to my local network for testing on my phone? keyoti not working properly
  7. A

    Resolved ASP.NET CORE : unhandled SqlException: Invalid object name 'Users'.

    Hello, im currently getting to grips with ASP.NET Core and I've ended up having an issue with one of my functions within my UsersController class. UsersController.cs public class UsersController : ControllerBase { private readonly IDBConnection _isqlConnection; private...
  8. Bojan123

    Question Decrement value from SQL database bug

    I have 2 WebForms, WebForm1 contains a button that redirects into WebForm2 which contains a contact form that needs to be filled to proceed an order. I have a drop down list in it that is connected to the database, and depending on which product a button on the WebForm1 is clicked, the...
  9. Miles

    A question on architecture

    Hello good people. New here. First post. First up, I am by no means a "professional" developer. I have written quite a few desktop applications in Python Qt, VB.NET and C# WinForms, Java Swing (many years ago), and a whole bunch of code to automate host applications with VBA (Excel, Access...
  10. Kevin91

    Resolved method to sum up numbers between two numbers

    I am a beginner in C# programming and trying to code a function that sums up all numbers from the start to the end and If the start number is greater than the end number, the function swap the values so that the start number becomes the end number and the end number gets the value of...
  11. A

    Which NEW Microsoft certification is for C#/.NET (as MCSA and MCSD will get retired soon) ?

    Microsoft will retire its old certifications like MCSA and MCSD on 31 January 2021. Microsoft plans to introduce new role-based certifications to replace these older certifications. Which newer, role-based certification is for C#/.NET ?
  12. Dragon4ik

    Resolved CustomValidationAttribute doesn't work

    Hi. everyone! Actually this question is the continuation of Question, but now I have the same problem on ASP.Net MVC I have the following task : write the validation attribute, which checks, if String format is right to parse into DateTimeOffset and if it isn't, app should throw an Exception. I...
  13. etkmlm

    Resolved Entity Framwork Not Working

    i have a problem with Entity. Want to use Entity in DbContext class but it is not working even though I added it to the packages. So when i write the "System.Data.Entity", it turns red. (Error: CS0234) Maybe Visual Studio doesn't see the Entity package. Visual Studio 2019 .NET Core 2.0...
  14. S

    Question Can we break line space in between dynamic gridview

    A gridview is placed in UI where the data retrieve from db it will dynamically create the rows according to the number of rows return from db can we able to break line space between the dynamic created rows
  15. Merit

    Question Customizable keybinds

    Hello all, So basically, in my programming the user can press the default key that i have set, which is F1, to enable a feature. However, i want the user to be able to change this key. so for example, a dialog pops up and asks them to enter the key they want to set for that feature then it...
  16. A

    Question refresh page after success login go to login page why and how to solve ?

    problem When Make login and refresh or reload page after login it come back to login page ? I work on MVC project web API work with angular 7 project client side . my problem is when write user name and password correct it make login and go to dashboard page that I done to work after...
  17. A

    How to solve problem of msvsmon.exe .net debug ?

    I work on core 2.2 I make project with core 2.2 connected to SQL server 2014 . I already install remote debugger tool on server I also install visual studio on server 2017 when make remote debug on server I get error unable to connect to Microsoft visual studio remote...
  18. A

    Question Cannot modify function GetSelectStatement to generate select statement from string json?

    I work on csharp and i need to generate select statement based on inner join select statement but i cannot modify it I need to get fields and keys and table to generate inner join select statement as below : select FooterTable.ItemCode,FooterTable.Quantity,FooterTable.UniPrice from MasterTable...
  19. R

    Question number in error log

    Personal, I would like the following information, I have a validation, and in this validation I send a message in the application to the user that the cell G of the line should be filled, my code looks like this: private void PreliminaryVerification(IEnumerable<DataRow> data) {...
  20. V

    Drop Down List Giving Incorrect Values

    Hi everyone, I have followed the following tutorial for my project: The issue that I have is that when I click an item in the first drop down box, it does not give the correct values in the second box, it only gives one value and it is incorrect. It...
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