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Nov 4, 2017
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Hi there!
I‘m almost completely new to coding, but my office wants a little program.

It has a mask for entering data like „phone number“, “Name”, “Message”, “email”, “address”. Which will be needed for two things: intern surveys and generating address books. For this reason, we have to store the data from the form into some way, to make it accessible and reliable. (XML or SQL I think - even though I don’t have a clue how to code this...)
The Programm will work on a Web-Server, where the storage of the data should be as well.

But: there’s more to it. Each user will need an ID because each colleague should answer to this survey only 3 times.

And to make it more dynamic, they want to have a routine behind the survey - which means:
Every time someone enters, they will be asked for their names.
The first time, a user enters it, he will be asked for “phone, address, ...”. This is only necessary the first time (so we have to read the stored data and search, if “Jon Doe” already exists). Next, they shall receive questions about “do you use the new high-changeable desks?” After answering this, there shall be another block of questions “does the new box system need improvement?; which one(s) has too less/too much material in it? ....”.
Those answers shall be stored in separate parts of a table.

Furthermore, the user shouldn’t be allowed to answer it more than 3 times.

But I don’t know how to
a) dynamically create new users with those parameters,
b) how to give them an individual ID and
C) how to store and read the users data into/from an XML file.

Love to hear from you.

Thank you!
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