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Sep 9, 2013
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Sorry if there was a more appropriate place to post this question. Feel free to redirect me.
We have an extensive set of perl scripts ( that are scheduled and executed from cmd files in the background on a network drive (i.e. no user interface).
We want to convert these to c# scripts written/deployed if possible from our Studio 2010 environment.

My first attempt was to create a Console Application and suppress the console popup. It's a simple script that reads data and produces emails. It all works fine - but the Studio Publish process was not as straight forward as I had hoped. I'd rather not have a setup.exe process to execute and all of the application objects associated with it. We are just wanting a simple script deployed to a network location and execute from a cmd file.

Question - is this the best method to write/deploy c# batch/background scripts? Did I perhaps Publish incorrectly? Any advice would be appreciated.
When you use the Publish feature you are creating a ClickOnce installer. If all you want is to copy some files from your development machine to the target machine then you should simply build and copy. Change the Build Configuration to Release and then Rebuild and you can then just copy the output from your 'bin\Release' or 'bin\x86\Release' folder.
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